Prof. Doug MacFarlane
Monash University, Australia

Professor Doug MacFarlane leads the Monash Ionic Liquids Group at Monash University. He is currently the holder of an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship – one of the most prestigious fellowships for senior researchers in Australia. He is also the Program Leader of the Energy Program in the Australian Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science. His group, numbering around 25 research staff and students, focuses on a range of aspects of ionic liquids and their application in the energy sciences and sustainable chemistry. Current projects include applications in carbon dioxide capture and reduction, water splitting, nitrogen reduction to ammonia, biomass processing and advanced batteries. He has published more than 580 papers and patents including a number of papers in Science, Nature and Nature Materials. These have attracted more than 29,000 citations to date and have an h-index of 83. Professor MacFarlane was a BSc(Hons) graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and then undertook his graduate work in Professor Austen Angell’s group at Purdue University, Indiana, graduating in 1983. After postdoctoral fellowships in France and New Zealand he took up an academic position at Monash. He has been a Professor of Chemistry at Monash since 1995 and was Head of School 2003-2006. He was elected to the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2007 and to the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering in 2009. He is also a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of Royal Society of Chemistry journals Chemical Communications and Green Chemistry, as well as of ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering and ChemSusChem. Professor MacFarlane is an International Fellow of the Queens University Ionic Liquid Laboratory, Belfast and a Visiting Professor of the Chinese Academy of Science.

Professor Maria Forsyth
Deakin University, Australia

Professor Maria Forsyth is a world leader in developing advanced materials for a range of energy and infrastructure technologies. Her group discovered a large new family of organic ionic "plastic" materials which are being used in advanced energy storage technologies. Maria has also developed significant understanding of charge transport at the interfaces between metals and electrolytes, and within other novel electrolyte materials. This has prompted the design of new materials for fuel cells, battery designs and technologies to prevent corrosion.
She is currently an Australian Laureate Fellow, Australian Academy of Science Fellow and Alfred Deakin Professor.
Some of her career highlights include: 2014 - Fellow of Australian Academy of Science; 2014 - Present- Deputy Director Institute for Frontier Materials, IFM, Deakin University; 2012 - Alfred Deakin Professor; 2011 - Australian Laureate Fellow; 2010 - Present: Chair of Electromaterials & Corrosion Science, Deakin University; 2005 - Present: Associate Director of ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES); 2003 - 2010: Professorial Fellow (Level E), Monash University. 2003 - 2010: Department of Materials Engineering Monash University, Clayton; 1996 - 2001: Senior Lecturer, School of Physics and Materials Engineering, Monash University, Clayton; 1993 - 1995: Lecturer School of Physics and Materials Engineering, Monash University, Clayton; 1998 - CSIRO Manufacturing Science and Technology; 1994 - Visiting Researcher and Senior Fellow of Rutherford College, Department of Physics, University of Kent, UK; 1991-1993 - Research Scientist, Materials Research Laboratories, DSTO, Melbourne and 1990-1991 - Fulbright Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry and Materials Research Center, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA


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